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Date Crasher!

Lake Chalet On Lake Merritt

Hey y'all! Last time we talked I discussed my plans to take myself on dates all summer long. I am two weeks late with this update so, sue me! For my first two dates I had a blast. The first date, I ended up making a reservation at Lake Chalet, Oakland. I actually ended up adding my sorority sister about 45 min before. My Soror recommended the fish and chips dish because the last time we came to Lake Chalet for our AKAversary she loved it. I shouldn’t have listened to her. Off top, I did not like that dish and I should have known! The only fried fish I like is catfish, holla! Anyway! Luckily I ordered clam chowder as well. For an appetizer I ordered us truffle fries, yes bishhh! Both my Soror and I decided to pass on partaking in any wine. We had just came from a day party earlier and were drained from the sun, loud music, and dancing bodies.

Can I be honest with my lovers reading right now? I asked my Soror to accompany me super last minute. We were at a toasted life day party in Oakland at Level 13. I could tell she was pretty over it and made my move. My Soror can be a bit hard to convince, but I knew in her “over this party” state, I could pretty much persuade her to allow me to treat her to dinner. Reflecting on the "date" for last several days, I was initially annoyed with myself for inviting my lovely Soror because well… This was a me thing. Then I realized… I didn’t want to be alone because I had been alone all day, so I was glad she joined me. Now writing this I realize I have not been clear with you all. This whole ordeal is not about the physical action of “dates”, this is about taking the time out to show the people that are important to you, that you care for them, and one of the best way to do that is with your time.

I will give you an example of exactly what I mean. After my self date that I welcomed one of my favorite sisters to, I got blessed with a few hours of hanging with HIM. I invited HIM to come by my work for drinks at our open-self-serve bar of unlimited alcoholic drinks. I figured maybe I could get HIM really tipsy and take advantage… I kid… but I wanted to. After, we ended up at the Pink Elephant in SF for tacos… Well I was really starving and desperately needed tacos, so that's where we ended up. We talked for about 2 hours while I slowly ate my tacos. We talked about many different things and I absolutely loved every minute of it. When it was time to kick us out for closing, I paid for my own tacos and I was completely satisfied with that, they tasted the same as they would if someone else other than myself had bought them. What I most valued out of the night was spending time with HIM. Being able to look at HIM, and look into HIS eyes, being able to hear HIS voice and see HIS smile. Being with him in the flesh, not a text. These are things that we forget are so important to creating and maintaining human connections. This wasn’t a date and we are not even close to being on one, but a queen can wish! It was worth the few hours for damn sure. But, that's all I want. Those moments in the flesh.

Moving on to my second date! The second date took place the following weekend. I felt way to lazy to go miniature golfing so this date involved Sushi Boat spicy tuna roll, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and The Avengers. Yassssss, I live for a good action flick. I went to see The Avengers, and in style. I always sneak food into the movie theaters. I’ve snuck in In-n-Out Burger, Chic-Fil-A, soul food, Mexican food, and the list goes on. All you need is a big purse and stick cardboard at the bottom so it holds your food and beverages up right. Listen, that damn movie was about $17 damn bucks! Thats expensive as shit, I’m not giving them money for food too, I’m NOT. I was paying cash too so I couldn’t even go to the self serve kiosk and by a child ticket. As a matter of fact, this theater has recliner seats and they make you walk up to a kiosk and do it at the front where the registers are… That wouldn't have stopped me though. I paid full price for the movie and bought my own food, if it’s any constellation I bought a soda from their high asses. That “small” soda was like $8, hoe you lyin'. I’m not though. Anyway, the movie was live as flame! I love anything DC and Marvel, I even stay after all the credits for bonus scenes. I love love love it!

I am really glad I decided to create Self Date Summer, 2018. Nobody likes to do certain things alone, but the more I push myself, the more I appreciate myself, and the more I yearn to appreciate a partner. I see both sides of the spectrum and I know men have it very tough in this dating world so when I meet someone, I will make it a point to appreciate them, especially for all of their efforts in bagging me :D.



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