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Who I'm Dating This Summer

I’d love to be asked out on a nice date every so often, what woman wouldn’t? I often find myself frustrated with the desire to want to go out with a man, simply because I don’t have a man to go out with lol. If there were no men barking up my tree or showing interest, I probably wouldn’t be as frustrated. That sounds like it doesn’t add up, but let me explain. Basically there are men who text and call but the most I get is a “wyd?”, or they beat around the bush about coming over hoping I will ask them to come over without them having to ask me to come over. It’s fairly sad to be honest and I’ve shed many a tear reflecting on the whole game. I would rather there be no men then men with bad intentions who can’t get it together. Recently God has blessed my professional life, academic life, and even my financial life.

The last thing I want to do is mope around about men not properly showing interest, neglecting celebrating the blessings and wins in my life. I was so excited about starting my new poppin job and my grades for the quarter, but it was short lived because of the constant reflection of my dating life. That stops today! I recently came up with a really awesome idea! Date myself! Haha! This sounds extremely emo but bare with me as you follow along. I’ve probably been on 5 dates out of my 29 years of life and for me that is unacceptable and I aim to change it. As a woman there are certain things I want to experience that are usually experienced with a partner. Me having or finding a partner is not happening and that doesn’t mean it will never happen, it just means that it’s not happening right now. In the meantime I am focusing on making sure I have the experiences I should and deserve to have as a beautiful, intelligent, and all around poppin woman should have.

Something went wrong in my generation when it comes to love. Our universe was rocketed into an alternate universe where love is the least important thing, but I won’t be deprived of what is rightfully mine. This summer I am making a pledged to love myself the f*ck down and up physically and emotionally. This summer I pledged to treat myself every single weekend. This summer I pledge to praise myself with compliment after compliment. This summer I pledge to love and make love to myself all summer long, I’m boo’d up bihhhh, with myself! No this is not a cry for independent women who don’t need a man. I DEFINITELY want a man but I don’t have one and when I do get one I don’t want to be so damn deprived of love that he has to over compensate. I also want to stop giving attention to the men that like to linger around but don’t want to take things to the next level.

This summer I will be taking myself out every weekend starting this weekend! I of course will still make time to hang out with my girlfriends on the weekends, but I will be arriving late or leaving early so I can take myself out on an amazing date. I don’t want to want for anything and I don’t want to be a weak damsel in distress. This morning I woke up and realized I have the capability to give myself everything I’ve always wanted. Moments that are used being sad about what you don’t have or what you are not getting are moments wasted, and we all know time is valuable.

Don’t waste time wanting, but instead use your time to fulfill every want and need you have.

My first date will be this Saturday at Lake Chalet. I love raw oysters so I totally can’t wait! The following weekend I will be at Golfland, they have a round of golf and 20 arcade points for $15.99. I will probably head over to Buffalo Wild Wings since it’s close to Golfland. The weekend after Golfland is my birthday weekend and I will be doing a special Birthday post for that, so stay tuned! I promise to make sure to do a blog post for each self date along the way! Who knows, maybe it will help others in the same dating situation as myself.

Always <3,



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