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September: The Month For Juicy LipTea

The Tea on September Lips!


I am bringing you the #LoveleeTea on fashionable lips all September!. There are so many different ways you can bring color to your lips on a regular bases. Stay tuned, this month you will see different lippy items, several different tips and tricks to applying your lip fashion, what colors are best for you, and more. Take a look below for different types of lippy products and let me know which one you like using most and why. Don’t be shy! Include a photo using your favorite lip product to be featured on EverythingLovelee!


The Lipstick

A cosmetic product that has pigments, oils, and waxes that bring color, texture, and sometimes protection to your lips. Lipstick comes in various finishes such as sheer, matte, and satin.


The Lip Liner

Or lip pencil, a cosmetic product used to fill in uneven areas on the outer areas of your lips. Usually Lip liner is accompanied by a lipstick or lip gloss. Lip liner can also be used all over the lips, standing alone. This awesome must have item also helps keep messy lipstick in its proper place!


The Lacquer

Or liquid lipstick, is thicker in consistency, opaque, and gives more coverage than lip gloss.


The Lip Butter

Long lasting, heavier feel than a normal lipstick with a softer consistency.


The Lip Gloss

A cosmetic product used to add a glossy luster and sometimes subtle color.


The Lip Stain

Is a cosmetic product that last longer than any lip product on the market. Lip stain usually come in liquid or gel form.


The Lip Crayon

Or an oversized crayon looking lipstick.


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