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March 21, 2020

Friends & dating has been a constant theme for me for the last 7 months. I often feel like “friends'' and “dating” in the same sentence creates confusion and conflict.

November 5, 2019

Dating is difficult, so I am taking a 90 day break to get my mind right and refresh my stamina.

July 3, 2019

I've provided a few first date tips to insure you set a good first impression, and 2nd date!

July 10, 2018

Hey y'all! Last time we talked I discussed my plans to take myself on dates all summer long. I am two weeks late with this update so, sue me! For my first two dates I had a blast. The first date, I ended up making a reservation at Lake Chalet, Oakland. I actually ended...

June 24, 2018

I’d love to be asked out on a nice date every so often, what woman wouldn’t? I often find myself frustrated with the desire to want to go out with a man, simply because I don’t have a man to go out with lol. If there were no men barking up my tree or showing interest,...

April 18, 2018

My Perfect Man...

Whatever it was I started writing, I deleted. There is no perfect man. I don’t even know if there is a perfect woman, I seriously doubt it. Lately I’ve been frustrated with my dating life, but honestly, when am I not? There is literally not one man on...

December 13, 2017

Hi Ya’ll! Oh damn, don’t shoot me! I haven’t posted in like… A year! In my defense, a lot has happened in the past year, A LOT! The main reason I haven’t posted is due to my heart just not being into it, I’ve basically had writers block. In the last week I’ve been extr...

April 11, 2017

Michaela (Hebrew. מיכאלה) is a feminine given name. It is a feminine form of the Hebrew name Michael (מִיכָאֵל), which means "Who is like God."

My favorite color is purple, teal, and black, but pink looks best on my toes. I really like Dragon Ball Z. I love reading Erot...

February 21, 2017

Sex after celibacy, the stress of keeping your legs closed while single, and the should you please yourself question!

October 13, 2016

But, baby, don't get it twisted
You was just another n* on the hit list
Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad b*
Didn't they tell you that I was a savage?
F* your white horse and a carriage
Bet you never could imagine
Never told you, you could have it

Rihanna was feeli...

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